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Step-by-Step Guide of DVDFab Meta Info


For the sake of promoting the development of DVDFab to let it move a revolutionary step forward, providing users the correct and specific information of all legitimate videos, DVD, Blu-ray and 4K UHD Blu-ray discs to deliver users better video experience is the newest strategy of DVDFab. Now DVDFab announces the newest DVDFab with some related UI upgrades to collect the meta information of all kinds of videos, DVD, Blu-ray and 4K UHD Blu-ray discs. Anyone who knows the accurate information of the unedited video, DVD, Blu-ray or 4K UHD Blu-ray disc opened with DVDFab can edit the disc content, and get awarded by delivering DVDFab the right disc information. We believe this action will benefit users around the world. Thus, when you open a video, DVD, Blu-ray and 4K UHD Blu-ray disc for which another user has supplied the Meta Info, correct and highly detailed information about the content will be shown, and you can make easy choices about what to include for a better viewing experience and convenience in the later playback of the DVDFab output.

When you load a video, DVD, Blu-ray and 4K UHD Blu-ray disc in, DVDFab will recognize the correct structure and list all titles with default categories. You can modify and edit the information contained in each title if you don't agree with the default information. By sending what you've edited to DVDFab to share with other DVDFab users, you will get corresponding reward.

Following are the details about the disc information edit and uploading, which only takes four steps. As with many DVDFab features, it takes longer to decribe in words, it is really fast and easy to use, with a highly intuitive user interface.


1. Legitimate discs as sources come first, and shall be a must. Besides, original discs are preferred as sources, since content already processed may have structural changes that would make the Meta Info unusable to someone with the actual disc.

2. Disc information edit is authorized to DVDFab members who own DVDFab product(s) only. By utilizing or delivering the correct edited information, the qualified disc information editors accept the User Agreement of DVDFab Meta Info.

3. The non-DVDFab-members are not empowered to edit or modify the information imported when the disc is opened with DVDFab, but can still use and benefit from the info submitted by others.

4. Disc Meta information Info is only applied on Main Movie and Customize modes of the Copy modules, the Ripper modules and the Video Converter moudle.

5. The currently available edit language environment include English, German, French, Japanese and Traditional Chinese.

6. DVDFab members can add multiple discs into DVDFab, but can only edit one disc once. For editing the next disc, please upload what you've edited to DVDFab, and click the icon of the next source disc you want to edit to call up the edit window.

Step 1: Download and Install DVDFab 11

Download the latest DVDFab 11 either from the download page or any product page of DVDFab official website, and then install it according to the wizard like before.

Step 2: Enable the Meta Info Feature

Double click DVDFab 11 quick launcher to get it started. When it runs, go to the Common Settings panel by clicking the reverse triangle button at the top right corner of the main interface.

At the Common Settings panel, move to General > Meta.

Tick the checkbox of "I want to use meta information", then the User Agreement window will pop up. By clicking the button of I agree the User Agreement, you accept it, and get the Meta Info feature enabled.

Click the textbox of "I want to be a contributor", you will be asked to set a user name exclusively for you to protect your privacy. If the registered email address of your DVDFab member account is the same as the one of your DVDFab forum account, then you can use the user name of your DVDFab forum in DVDFab Meta Info. If not, then input a user name in the related textbox according to naming rule of DVDFab Meta Info.

When the user name you set is valid and hasn't been used by others after being checked and verified, you can use it to edit disc and share the edited information to other DVDFab members. A welcome window will come out to invite you to get an overall understanding of DVDFab Meta Info.

Click the button of Learn more, you will be led to the function induction and instruction page of DVDFab official website. And click Not now, your personal contributor profile will be presented to you.

To activate DVDFab Meta Info, you need to click OK button. Then a system prompt dialog box will pop up to ask you to restart your DVDFab 9 to make all the settings you made take effect.

Click Yes, DVDFab 9 will be restarted immediately.

Note: If you carelessly shut the Meta Info introduction window, you can click the revise-triangle button, and get the Meta Info enabled in the Meta part of Common Settings.

Step 3: Edit the Video/Disc Meta Information

When DVDFab reruns, insert the source Blu-ray disc into your external Blu-ray drive attached to your PC. Few seconds of source loading, a hint will come into your sight to introduce the entrance of DVDFab Meta Info. Click the "×" button, then you back to the main interface.

Usually, DVDFab can recognize the right disc type to the great extent. However, if it fails in analyzing the disc type, then just select or change the disc type from the related drop-down list. According to the classification, the disc type could be Movie disc, Season disc (TV Play discs), Audio disc (music discs like concert/live discs, music video discs, pure music discs, etc.) and Bonus/Demo disc (discs which don't belong to the former three categories, usually are additional discs bundled with movie disc or season disc and consist of trailers, making process, etc.).

After that click the edit button , Meta Info begins.

Meta Info UI consists of six parts: Title, Runtime, Type, Edition, Chapter and Description/Name, and you are requested to edit three parts: Type, Edition/Episode and Description/Name in addition to the Disc Type.

As you can see from the initial edit window, all the titles contained in this movie disc are divided into two categories by default: Main Feature(s)/Season (the main parts, usually are the longest durations) and Others (the rest of the movie including the bonus parts like advertisement, demo clips, disclaimer, logo, etc, and some fake titles, which are all marked as Unknown by default).

However, according to the specific content, titles made up of different kinds of BDs should be classified into different categories. Following are the details concerning the meta information edit of four kinds of Blu-ray discs.

1.1 Type

In Movie disc, the main title(s), usually also the longest duration(s), is (are) called Main Feature(s).

1.2 Edition

This part is only available in the Main Feature of Movie disc. According to the the type of the source disc, select the Edition from Theatrical, Extended Edition, Director's Cut and Unrated Edition from the related drop-down list.

1.3 Description /Name

Input the brief name/description of the related content.

2.2 Episode

This part requests you to input the correct playback order of the episodes contained in the season disc. Usually, a season title contains multiple chapters. Sometimes, a season title may contain more than one episode. If a season title only contains one episode, then just type in the order after preview. For the season titles which contain multiple episodes, you should manually split the titles into episodes after previewing the content. Notice that, when you splitting the title, the divided chapters should be sequential.

2.3 Description/Name

Just input the episode name of each title and the episode you divided.

3.1 Type

The main title of an Audio disc no matter which kind the Audio disc is, contains all the songs. The type should be Track/Songs, and will be classified as SongList.

3.2 Description/Name

This part requests you to choose the correct item from Concert/Live, Audio-only or Video clip from the related drop-down list according to the specific audio disc.

Note: Bonus/Demo discs usually are the complimentary discs bundled with movie discs or season discs, and mainly consist of trailers, making process, and something like that. There are no main features in those discs. That is to said, what made up of a Bonus/Demo disc are Extras and Others.

1. Type

Apart from main title(s), the rest titles should be classified into Extra and Other according to the specific content. Hover you mouse over each title and click the playback to take a preview. According to the specific content, the options vary from Main Feature to Extra Features, Logo, Official nag clip, How-to, Adviser, Demo clip, Trailer, Disclaimer, Fillers/Junk, Advertisement and Unknown.

After reselecting the right type, the rest titles of the four kinds of BDs will be classified into the categories as shown below:

2. Description/Name

Hover you mouse over the area of Description/Name, there will be a drop-down list or a textbox, then just select the matched item from the options or input the name according to the specific content after preview.

Corresponding Description/Name rules based on title types are shown as follows:

Bear in mind that whatever kind of BD you are editing, the characters you input in the Description/Name textbox shall not exceed 64. And for those titles with types of Junk/Filler and Unknown, there is no need for you to edit Description/Edition for them.

DVDFab divides a disc not only on titles, but also on chapters. Chapter is the subunit of title, which means, a title may contain multiple chapters. In order to collect the full-scale information of the source disc and presents the correct information to users as return, you shall deliver the detailed name or description of not only the title, but also the chapters.

1. Movie Disc

Click the "+" button to unfold the subordinate chapters, and then hover your mouse over the area of Description/Name, and there will be a textbox. Click the playback button beside the Chapter number to preview the content, and then input the related name in the Description/Name textbox.

2. Season Disc

For the episodes you divided from a title, just input the related episode names. For other kinds of chapters, click the button to unfold the belonging items, and then input the related description/name after previewing the content.

3. Audio Disc

For Audio disc, only the SongList title contains multiple chapters. Click the button to unfold the subordinate chapters, and then input the related song names after listening to the audio content.

4. Bonus/Demo Disc

Likewise, each Extra title of Bonus/Demo disc contains one or several chapters. Click the button to show the subordinate chapters for those titles with chapters more than 1, and then input the corresponding names in the Description/Name textbox.

Step 4: Upload the Edited Information

If you have checked all the information you edited and confirm the accuracy, then you can upload the disc information to DVDFab. This step can easily be done by pressing the Upload button at the bottom right corner of the interface.

If you want to modify the disc information you've edited, click the Cancel button or the close button at the top right corner of the interface, the uploading will be stopped and then you will back to the Meta information edit or Preview interface.

If not, click the Upload button. Under the circumstance that no one has uploaded the Meta information of this BD you are about to upload, seconds later, your uploading has been succeed!

If you fail in the uploading, just check your network connection, and click Retry to upload it again. By clicking the Cancel button or the button at the top right corner, you give up the disc uploading and are taken back to the Meta information edition interface.

If someone has already uploaded this BD, then you will be prompted that you are not able to upload it but can still view it and give DVDFab feedback. Also, you can save what you've edited to the local storage, hence, you can view it the next time you open this disc.

Also, you can upload the source BD you've edited directly from the Meta Info edit interface.

After completing disc information uploading with your FC Member account, you will get the corresponding reward, which can be used to buy DVDFab products or get an extra discount.

You can view what you've uploaded, just log in DVDFab official website with your FC Member account.

What's more, you can modify the edited Meta information even if the disc has been uploaded successfully! Only if there is some information changed, the reedited disc can be uploaded, and the Meta information will be updated. If nothing is modified, you can't upload this disc again.


1. For uploading an edited disc, one important rule should be pointed out is that no one has uploaded the disc information you are going to edit. If not, you will see the detailed information displayed on the interface when the disc is loaded in, and the edit function is disabled.

2. For the uploaded disc information, you still can view it.

If you have the standpoint the same as the author, like it, you will get the corresponding reward.

If you don't agree with it, you can cast an opposite vote by clicking the Dislike button. And you can also send the error report and your opinion, then the author will be informed to check it out.

If there is some unedited information, you can edit it with English.

By then, what you've edited will be locked, and the edit function of this disc will be disabled. Others users are not empowered to modify it.

Also, you will get reward as return.

Appendix: Check and Modify the Wrong Meta Information

After receiving the error report sent by other FC member, the author could judge the accuracy of the errors and modify them if you agree with these points. After that, click the Upload button to update the disc information to DVDFab server.

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